Why is Slovenia a must-see destination for you?

…it will take us less than 3 minutes to convince you! No matter why you travel, if it’s for business or just because you love experiencing new cultures and meeting people, Slovenia has something for you. I promise. Have you booked your flight yet? No? Right, let’s get flights sorted. Believe me, it’s easy! Luckily, Vipavska is positioned only an hour’s drive from Venice. Even if you haven’t heard of Vipavska, you’ve heard of Venice. Ryanair, Easyjet and other low-cost airlines know our local airports very well, so finding a flight should not be a problem. Thanks to them, and thanks to 4 airports inside 100km from Vipavska (and Slovenia), you can get to us from from more than 50 destinations around Europe in less than 3 hours! Check here – From the UK and Ireland alone there are 13 destinations that fly directly to Venice / Treviso / Trieste / Ljubljana in no time at all!   Still not convinced? Right, prepare yourselves for the hard sell… Despite it’s rich cultural heritage, Slovenia and Vipavska are seen as new and exciting destinations. For that reason it is not crowded and massive but focused on everything boutique. And people take TIME for you. You will see, you will enjoy it a lot! Source: www.slovenia.info; Photographer:Vladimir Toš I assume after that, your bags are already packed 🙂 Just so you know what to bring with you… Our breathtaking mountains and natural wonders mean that there are a plethera of outdoor pursuits for you to try, if you’re looking for adrenaline pumped activities like climbing, paragliding, caving or just want to enjoy the natural sights on bike or on foot, you will not be disappointed in Slovenia. And that’s a guarantee. If you enjoy a slower pace of holiday and want to soak in some of our cultural heritage or have money to burn in your pocket and fancy your chances at the casino… you can find something in Slovenia too. And lastly if you are a foody and a wine-lover (like myself), prepare your taste buds because you are about to be amazed. Well if I’ve not made it obvious already – Slovenia has it all. In a country of 2 million people, where you can drive from north to south or east to west within two hours – the possibilities are infinite! So, if you still haven’t booked your ticket, packed your bags and you’re still not on the way to the airport – I guess we will have to organise your trip for you. Visit us at the London Wine Fair, where we will award one of our visitors with a 3-day visit to Vipavska and Slovenia. See you in London and later in Slovenia! Warm greetings from sunny Vipava, Matej  Taste a selection of 10 Vipavska wines @ London Wine Fair. Find us at WINES UNEARTHED section, stand K132! Book a meeting with us!

Krapež wine estate

“Viticulture and winemaking aren’t only a job, but a passion, charm, discovering, searching, never-ending route.” Martin Krapež The Krapež wine estate is a boutique, family owned winery in the village of Vrhpolje (close to Vipava). Martin took over the family business in 1987 and has been developing the winery ever since. They are focused on extremely small yields (below 1kg per vine), making sure that only the best possible grapes arrive to the cellar so they can produce their structured and complex whites and reds. Their vineyards are spread across 7 hectares of land and all the grapes are handpicked. All wines from the Krapež estate are made exclusively from their own grapes; Whites: – Zelen – Lapor White (cuvee of chardonnay, pinela and rebula) Reds: – Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon – Lapor Red (cuvee of merlot and cabernet sauvignon)   Don’t miss Krapež’s LAPOR WHITE at the London Wine Fair!   Here’s what Mrs Caroline Gilby MW wrote about Lapor White: Vina Krapež: Lapor Belo, 2010, 12.5% A lovely rich golden-hued wine, bringing together two local grapes; Pinela (40%) and Rebula (20%), with the global traveller Chardonnay (40%). Fermentation begins in stainless steel, with the wine finished and matured in oak barrels for around a year. The combination of sleek Chardonnay with the fresh floral notes of Pinela and exotic fruit flavours of Rebula are beautifully harmonious, and all at a refreshingly drinkable level of alcohol.   And if Krapež‘s Lapor White wasn’t enough, you will be able to sample 9 more wines from the Vipavska region! Looking forward to meeting you in London in May! Warm greetings from sunny Vipavska, Matej   You’ll have an opportunity to find out more about this story at the WINES UNEARTHED section, stand K132. Book a meeting with us!

Paragliding in Vipavska

There are two popular take-off spots for paragliding in Vipavska: Lijak and Kovk. Both offering an extraordinary number of flying days throughout the year. If you want to have a go at this amazing sport, then you can find more info by following this link: http://camplijak.com/en/paraglidingcenter/ Vipavska is not just known for its paragliding but also its paragliders – Aljaž and Urban Valič (more affectionately known as the Valič brothers), not only paraglide but also design and produce innovative gliders for their company Triple Seven Gliders. To find out more about the Valič brothers and their amazing gliders check out their website: http://777gliders.com/ The season for paragliding has already started! So if you are an enthusiastic pilot looking for a once in a lifetime experience, pack your bags and we’ll see you in Vipavska soon. Safe flights! Warm greetings from sunny Vipavska (not to brag but today it’s already above 22°C!) Matej p.s. And if you are not (yet) a paraglider, you can still book a tandem flight over Vipavska. 🙂    Taste a selection of 10 Vipavska wines @ London Wine Fair. Find us at WINES UNEARTHED section, stand K132! Book a meeting with us!

Home is where… the wine is ☺

Usually in the cellar, of course. A cellar is to a winemaker what a kitchen is to a cook, a church to a priest or workshop to a carpenter – this is where our passion creates something organic and unique. A while ago, a wine importer from the UK wrote the following in reply to my email: There is always room for new regions. 25 years ago no-one drank wine from Chile, Argentina, or New Zealand and Australia and South Africa were considered exotic. This made me think about Vipavska, our winemakers, our wines, your market, you, your drinking habits, your knowledge about Slovenia and Vipavska. And I realised that we simply have to bring you to our home to show you the many beauties of Vipavska. So now I welcome you to our cellar! Here you will find all the information you need about the Vipavska valley, tourism, attractions, our cuisine and of course our wine. Your comments, questions and suggestions are more than welcome! So, let’s start! Warm greetings from sunny Vipava, Matej p.s. Don’t worry, we will do our best to make sure you fall in love with Vipavska!    Taste a selection of 10 Vipavska wines @ London Wine Fair. Find us at WINES UNEARTHED section, stand K132! Book a meeting with us!