Caroline Gilby (MW) selected 10 Vipavska wines for London Wine Fair

“It’s one small step for winemakers but one giant leap for Vipavska” Already from the beginning Faladur’s priority is connecting Vipavska winemakers. As a wineshop and tasting room with Vipavska products we quickly discovered that connectivity and collaboration between producers here is lacking professional approach. Listening to all the stories and experiences from winemakers and distributors […]

Why is Slovenia a must-see destination for you?

…it will take us less than 3 minutes to convince you! No matter why you travel, if it’s for business or just because you love experiencing new cultures and meeting people, Slovenia has something for you. I promise. Have you booked your flight yet? No? Right, let’s get flights sorted. Believe me, it’s easy! Luckily, […]

Krapež wine estate

“Viticulture and winemaking aren’t only a job, but a passion, charm, discovering, searching, never-ending route.” Martin Krapež The Krapež wine estate is a boutique, family owned winery in the village of Vrhpolje (close to Vipava). Martin took over the family business in 1987 and has been developing the winery ever since. They are focused on […]

Home is where… the wine is ☺

Usually in the cellar, of course. A cellar is to a winemaker what a kitchen is to a cook, a church to a priest or workshop to a carpenter – this is where our passion creates something organic and unique. A while ago, a wine importer from the UK wrote the following in reply to […]